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Abba, Father, Hear Thy ChildCharles WesleyRomans 8:15, Galatians 4:6, Genesis 32:26Adoption, Discipleship
How Can a Sinner KnowCharles Wesley, John WesleyAssurance, Discipleship, Holiness
Author of Life DivineCharles Wesley, John Wesley, Robert J. PowellDiscipleship, Lord’s Supper
Lamb of God, I Look to TheeCharles Wesley, John WesleyDiscipleship, Obedience and Disobedience
When Quiet in My House I SitCharles WesleyDeuteronomy 6:7Discipleship, Scripture
Christ, from Whom All Blessings FlowCharles WesleyChurch: Nature, Discipleship, Union With Christ
Eternal Beam of Light DivineCharles Wesley, John WesleyAssurance, Discipleship, God: Sovereignty
God of All Power, and Truth, and GraceCharles Wesley, John WesleyEzekiel 36:25, Ezekiel 36:23Discipleship
God of My Life, to TheeCharles Wesley, John WesleyCommitment, Discipleship, Worship
God of My Life, Whose Gracious PowerCharles Wesley, John WesleyDiscipleship, God: Sovereignty, Guidance
Granted Is the Saviour’s PrayerCharles Wesley, John WesleyDiscipleship, God: Presence, Holy Spirit
Happy the Souls to Jesus JoinedCharles Wesley, John WesleyDiscipleship, Union With Christ