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Joy to the World!Barry Graul, Bart Millard, Ben Shive, Brenton Brown, Brown Bannister, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Ed Cash, Francesca Battistelli, George Frederic Handel, George Frideric Handel, Ian Eskelin, Isaac Watts, Jack Parker, Jason Ingram, Jeremy Bush, Joshua Seller, Lincoln Brewster, Mark Waldrop, Matt Gilder, Michael Rossback, Mike Dodson, Mike Hogan, Mike Schuechzer, Nathan Cochran, Paul Baloche, Robby Shaffer, Steve Fee, Joshua Krijgsman, Mireille Schaart, Charles Wesley, Gregg Sewell, Jeffery B. Scott, Emma Lou Diemer, Andrew Mackereth, Mosie ListerLuke 2:10, Luke 2:11, Psalm 72:1–20, Psalm 90:1–17, Psalm 98:1–9, Luke 1:46–55, Luke 1:68–69, Galatians 4:4–5, Matthew 1:18–23Jesus' Birth, Joy, Kingdom of God, God the Father, Worship, Jesus, Trinity, Gospel, Music3
How Bright These Glorious Spirits Shine!Isaac WattsHeaven
How Did My Heart Rejoice to HearIsaac WattsKingdom of God
How Long Wilt Thou Conceal Thy Face?Isaac WattsComplaining, Suffering
How Sad Our State by Nature Is!Isaac WattsMark 9:24Conversion
How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?Isaac WattsJohn 17:17Family: Children, Scripture
How Sweet and Awful Is the PlaceIsaac WattsMission
Arise, O King of Grace! AriseIsaac WattsEschatology, God: Grace
I Sing the Mighty Power of GodIsaac Watts, George Frederick Root, Xavier Ludwig Hartig, Jeff ReddActs 4:24, Revelation 4:11, Psalm 13:1, Psalm 21:13, Psalm 72:8, Nehemiah 9:6, Psalm 104:24, Colossians 1:16–17, Psalm 33:6–9, 1 Chronicles 29:11–13, Psalm 77:11–14, Psalm 95:3–6, Exodus 20:11Creation, God: Power, God: Sovereignty
I Waited Patient for the LordIsaac WattsGod: Faithfulness, Patience
In All My Vast Concerns with TheeIsaac WattsPsalm 139:1–24God: Knowledge, God: Presence
In Judah, God of Old Was KnownIsaac WattsGod: Power, Justice
Jesus, Our Lord! Ascend Thy ThroneIsaac WattsKingdom of God, Prayer: Intercession
Keep Silence, All Created Things!Isaac WattsGod: Sovereignty, Reverence
Laden with Guilt, and Full of FearsIsaac WattsScripture
Awake, My Heart, Arise, My TongueIsaac WattsJeremiah 3Clothing, Jesus: Death, Purity
Let Children Hear the Mighty DeedsIsaac WattsEducation, Family: Children, Miracles
Let Every Mortal Ear AttendIsaac WattsEvangelism
Let Zion and Her Sons RejoiceIsaac WattsCreation: Renewal
Lo! What a Glorious Sight AppearsIsaac WattsCreation: Renewal
Lord, How Secure My Conscience WasIsaac WattsGuilt, Repentance
Lord, in the Morning Thou Shalt HearIsaac WattsPrayer
The Lord of Glory Is My LightIsaac WattsGlory, Tabernacle
The Lord, the Judge, Before His ThroneIsaac WattsEschatology: Last Judgment
Lord! We Have Heard Thy Works of OldIsaac WattsGod: Grace, God: Power